Xglo Tennis

It’s Lights Out

A spectacular new tennis experience for all ages!

No pressure on the court!

XGLOsive turns traditional tennis into a fun, no-pressure social experience for people of all ages and abilities. XGLOsive transforms your courts with blacklights, fluorescent graphics, and upbeat music to create a FUN nightclub atmosphere!”

Work with a fantastic team

The XGLOsive team is fun and professional. We make sure the on-court games are flowing while everyone is having a great time and glowing.

Meet The Team

A unique play-in-the-dark atmosphere

Black lights and music make this a party – you can talk, laugh and make friends and socialize.

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Bring XGLOsive to your facility

XGLOsive is available for events at your facility. Find out how to bring XGLOsive to your facility!

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